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A Delhi NCR based company, Startup funding India is a platform to help all startups and small business firms to grow their business.

Funds constraint?

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Share your ideas with us and we will invest in your project to make your dreams come true.

We know what it is like to have a dream but not have the right support to turn it into a distinct reality. Be it an idea to start business in terms of technical support, IT, digital, human resources or legal. Share with us your idea. The outcome is simple. If we like it, we offer you the investment that you require to make it a reality. We provide the funding and required initial support it needs to strengthen it at the initial phase.


We offer you a complete IT support. From the creation of the website to its operation and management, Startup Funding India will take care of all the needs of your business. IT support includes domain, hosting, server, website, CRM, ERP, and customized software applications designing and development.

Digital Marketing

In today’s era, everything is going digital. So why not your business? We will promote your business online on all the platforms which will not only helps you to target more potential customers but will also turn your start-up business into a brand. From social media promotion to online campaigns, all the digital needs of your business will be taken care of by us.


The legal documentation for your business is now the responsibility of Startup Funding India. We provide complete support in all the legal formalities required for running a business including the formalities related to the Company formation, Registration, ITR, GST, Audit and more.

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Recently Funded Startups by SFI



My Vorld

MyVorld is an initiative to build a community of like-minded people, who would like to come together to live a joyful and contented like and support others in this initiative. We strive to connect generations to be a part of this journey and encourage the younger generation in supporting their seniors,to enable them to avail need-based services, companionship, and products,thereby creating a feeling of one big ‘joint family’.

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Alpine Abacus Academy

Alpine Abacus Academy

Alpine Abacus Academy is an exclusive institute to impart and inform interested individuals to use of the Abacus. We train teachers and help people set up abacus training institutes on a franchise basis. If you are interested in setting up an abacus training institute in your area, please get in touch with us, we would be happy to initiate a dialogue.

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DSCERT offers services for setting up new schools and their management. We also offers taking over schools that are already in operation but have not been able to scale up. We are rapidly expanding in India. As a part of the school management services, Divine Schools provide teacher training, equip classrooms with ICT and other elements of the K-12 programme, invest in upgrading / improving / supplementing existing infrastructure, and is responsible for recruitment and skill enhancement of all teachers.

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Digcademy is a digital platform for competitive learning. It is an initiative by Daksh Bharat Society which is an all India level NGO registered under Society Registration Act. 1860 in Delhi. The objective of the Daksh Bharat Society is to contribute to the nation by providing education through various modes. Daksh Bharat Society is founded by socially motivated people who wish to contribute to the society in addition to their day to day life.

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GICSEH has provided Education Service and corporate Service to the clients with a superior learning experience. As a trusted education partner we deliver more than 100+ IT and NON-IT training courses for 100+ vendors from such leading technology firms as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, CompTIA, Oracle, Red Hat, Salesforce and Many More etc. We leverage these vendors’ professional technical training content and combine it with our award-winning course instructors to produce a consistently superior level of training.

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Young India Sports Academy


The Young India Sports Academy (YISA) is a ‘center of excellence’ in sports for young people. The academy is thoughtfully established to motivate children to love sports and to harness their potential for maximum effect. Our aim is to develop hard-working, target oriented and health conscious young India, who will excel in their pursuit of life and not just sports.

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In pyrotechnic circles all around India, Mayur brand fireworks are admired for their excellent quality, value, innovative packaging & customer satisfaction. Based in Rohtak, (HARYANA) an hour drive from New Delhi the concern has expended remarkably in recent years to produce all kinds of sparklers, flower pots, pencils, bullets, rockets, fancy items etc.

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We Project Awareness


WEPA is a vision, a dream, an aspiration and a perspective that looks at bringing together human dynamics in the simplest possible way.
WEPA believes the extraordinary lies in the ordinary, needing only a fresh perspective and making it work.
WEPA acknowledges that every person has a right to perceiving things differently. Action on positive perception brings in success and sustains it.

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Do you feel your idea can change the world? How exciting that can be, isn’t it? We know. We have been there as a startup and my business partner and I remember our brainstorming days with so much nostalgia! It was thrilling and we were sure that it would change the world.

After a few years into creating our dream startup, we know that the idea was the easiest part. The tougher thing was to find support so we could transform our idea into a reality. Fortunately, we have been there and know what it is like. We also know, our reality could have taken lesser time if we had the support we needed to get it kick- started with lesser initial hiccups.

Now, it is your turn. Believe us, we know what it is like to have a dream. Share your idea with us and if we think it is as exciting as you think it to be, we will fund your idea with our services. Trust us when we say money matters but not as much as skilled expertise and support of the right services.


with SFI.

Reach out to us for a discussion with your startup idea or story in three easy steps :
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(ps) Do not worry if you do not have a business plan yet. If your idea is solid, by the time you have had your first meeting with us, you will know how to fix that too!

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